Resources for the Texas Gulf Coast Regional Convening : October 30, November 6, and November 13, 2020


Preparing Technicians for the Future of Work [2 minute video] is a project of the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education program – a program designed to support teaching and learning in community college technical programs. In researching what’s next for technician education, the project team has studied many reports, conducted interviews with working technicians and their supervisors, held focus groups with subject matter experts, and convened regional meetings between employers and educators. In the course of this work, three sets of knowledge and skills have been identified as critical for the future technical workforce. These are described below:

Instructional Materials

To address a widespread need for information on the subtopics, SMEs have again been engaged by the project to assist with instructional activity development related to each subtopic. Each short instructional object contains both student and teacher content and is designed to be easily dropped into one class period within myriad STEM technician education disciplines. The aim is to infuse these new foundational knowledge and skills into all STEM technical programs. This development will continue into Year 4 and will serve as one component of professional development.

  1. Presentations

October 30, 2020 Regional Convening on the Future of Work
October 30, 2020 Business Knowledge & Processes, Donald McCoy

November 6, 2020 Project and Convening Overview
November 6, 2020 Powering the Future through Collaboration, Chancellor Brenda Hellyer
November 6, 2020 Tomorrow’s Workforce: Leading Through Disruption, John Sands

November 13, 2020 Regional Network Overview
November 13, 2020 Living, Learning, & Working in a Transformative World, Todd McLees

Todd McLees’ Recommended Reading
The Adaptation Advantage, Heather McGowan and Chris Shipley
Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI, Paul Daugherty and H. James Wilson
Cascades: How to Create a Movement that Drives Transformational Change, Greg Satell
The Technology Fallacy: How People are the Real Key to Digital Transformation, Gerald C. Kane,  Anh Nguyen PhillipsJonathan R. Copulsky, and Garth R. Andrus  

Future of Work Reports