Engineer using tablet check and control automation robot arms machine in intelligent factory industrial on monitoring system software. Welding robotics and digital manufacturing operation.

Episode 1: Preparing Technicians for the Future of Work

Michael Lesiecki, host
January 2019 | 00:15:02
Episode 1 Transcript

As technology evolves so tasks and occupations transform. We know that demand for some positions involving tasks that can be automated are going to decline and in some cases disappear, while entirely new occupations will emerge. When we say technology, what the technologies are we talking about? We mean advanced manufacturing, engineering technology, biotechnology, information and security technologies, including cybersecurity, and agricultural and environmental technologies. Every one of these technologies focuses on the fields in which we need a skilled technical workforce.

For many of today’s technicians the Future of Work is already in focus. They are cross-disciplinary workers, immersed in diverse platforms and interrelated systems that once belonged to single industry sectors. This podcast series will explore the horizons of work from the perspective of industry partners, two-year college educators, technicians and NSF ATE leaders who are working together to transform technician education.

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