Instructional Cards

To support implementation of the Cross-Disciplinary STEM Core Framework, scenario-based instructional cards have been developed for classroom use. Use these micro-lessons to introduce new technology skills into your existing courses. Choose cards from any of the Framework’s three skill areas:

  • Data Knowledge and Analysis
  • Advanced Digital Literacy
  • Business Knowledge and Processes

A Glossary of the Cross-Disciplinary STEM Core skills is also available.

Data Knowledge
and Analysis

Manipulating and interpreting data to resolve issues and using Excel and other common software proficiently to accomplish tasks

Instructional Activity Cards:

Advanced Digital

Understanding digital communications and networking, cybersecurity, machine learning, sensors, programming, and robotics at a higher than introductory level

Instructional Activity Cards:

Business Knowledge
and Processes

Understanding the value chain and business practices of an enterprise and applying principles of ethical adoption of new technologies

Instructional Activity Cards: