Episode 44: Advanced Biotechnology – A Changing and Evolving Working Environment


Podcast Guest: Jon Tucker, Site Leader, Pfizer Global Supply

November 2022  | 15:03
Episode 44 Transcript and Show Notes

Imagine being part of a team working for the global manufacturing of groundbreaking vaccines and life-saving treatments. Imagine as a technician the different roles you might have. What are your job responsibilities? What are the fundamentals and what are the more advance skills that will set you on a career path of success? Find out in this episode when Mike explores these questions and more with guest Jon Tucker.

[W]e’re manufacturing products, at a site such as this, which are true breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. And therefore, I think it’s important that we keep abreast of what’s new. And what’s evolving. But how to do it better and better. And I think, for me, that’s a collaboration. That’s where it pays dividends. – Jon Tucker

As an industry leader with a wealth of experience, Jon shares his insight and discusses how education and industry are innovating and collaborating so that technicians are equipped with the skills they’ll need today and in the future of work.

               Jon Tucker
Site Leader, Pfizer Global Supply



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