group of student presenters at conference

Episode 5: Journey to the Future Through Industry-Education Partnerships

Brynt Parmeter and Emily McGrath, NextFlex
and Tate, FlexFactor participant, guests
May 2019 | 00:23:01
Episode 5 Transcript and Show Notes

How can industry inspire students to envision themselves working in advanced manufacturing? And how can colleges attract and recruit students into existing high-tech career pathways programs? One approach, FlexFactor, combines strategic collaboration between organizations and student-led experiential learning to spark interest and spur recruitment.

The program reaches students—the workforce of the future—through plant and college tours and problem-solving activities that can be integrated into classroom instruction in any subject. The industry and academic partnerships encourage students to consider potential careers so that they can make informed decisions about career pathways that will lead them to become competitive hires.

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