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cover of June newsletter

This issue provides a number of professional development resources and opportunities including the entire Spring 2022 Webinar Series presented by Preparing Technicians, now available on-demand.  Learn about upcoming conferences and  mentoring opportunities in the BILT Academy.  And don’t miss the latest podcast where you’ll hear from the “Godfather of Data.”


small image of April newsletter
In this newsletter, another instructional card has just been released! Find out which technician skill in the Cross-Disciplinary STEM Core this card addresses, and then register for Webinar 2 in our Spring 2022 Series where we’ll provide guidance on how to implement the instructional cards in various settings. Also read about the many summer events coming, and catch up on our latest podcasts.


March 2022 Newsletter
This March issue presents opportunities for professional development including a Spring Webinar Series by Preparing Technicians for the Future of Work as well as a number of other upcoming webinars and conferences hosted by our partners. Also, find the most recently added instructional activity cards based on the skills in the Cross-Disciplinary STEM Core.