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Achievements of National Center for Supply Chain Automation Set the Stage for the NCSCA 4th Annual Symposium

The National Center for Supply Chain Automation (NCSCA) will host its 4th Annual Symposium virtually on April 28-29 from noon to 3 pm EDT.
Despite the challenges of Covid-19, perseverance, resourcefulness, and collaboration delivered results for NCSCA over the past year. Expanded certification programs, updated curriculum, corporate apprenticeships, and the acquisition of industry-standard training equipment have all advanced the goal of training skilled supply chain technicians.
With industry partners, NCSCA successfully co-hosted twelve collaborative sessions titled “Next Generation Workforce Certification: Innovative Tools for Educating and Upskilling Supply Chain Automation Technicians,” reaching over 1,200 registrants. NCSCA also launched its highly-anticipated certification developed with guidance from MSSC & Amatrol in Fall 2020.
With additional NSF financial support, three partner colleges acquired Skill Boss Logistics (SBL) devices to assist with the certification, and Norco College leveraged funding to procure two devices to support the NCSCA apprenticeship program with Target Corporation and the supply chain automation courses.
Co-PIs are in the process of updating our Supply Chain Automation E-textbook & curriculum. With many exciting initiatives in the works, please visit the NCSCA website for updates. COVID permitting, faculty will take the certification master trainer course this summer and begin teaching the certification courses in Fall 2021, with the first graduating class in Spring 2022.
The NCSCA 4th Annual Symposium will be held at no cost to participants. Staying apprised of the latest technologies in supply chain automation (SCA), and the next generation of SCA workforce is critical. From artificial intelligence to blockchain to mechatronics, SCA is a constantly changing field in which industry recognized certifications, technical degree and certificate programs, and continuing education are necessary to keep up with the pace of technology. SCA’s virtual symposium is an excellent resource that provides educators with opportunities for online interaction with peers and industry experts, who are on the cutting edge of future advances.
To attend the NCSCA Symposium register here. 
Visit the NCSCA website to learn more about resources and activities.
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