Episode 10: Digital Transformation

Mike Lesiecki, Co-PI, NSF ATE Preparing Technicians for the Future of Work
October 2019 | 00:20:29
Episode 10 TranscriptShow Notes and Digital Transformation Activity

The forecasts for job loss and job creation over the next few years include the latest new job title, “Digital Transformation Specialist.” What does this person do? Who hires them? And what qualifications are important?

Digital transformation means challenging a company’s technology status quo. It requires the usual technical skills — analysis, diagnostics, testing, and documentation – plus excellent communication skills. A Digital Transformation Specialist (or Associate, or Technician) must be able to educate their team members who are engineers, IT staff, and other technicians about the value and use of new technologies. With the rapid pace at which technology is advancing, expect to see this position appearing in many job search sites.

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