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Episode 9: The Year in Review

Project Leadership Team, NSF ATE Preparing Technicians for the Future of Work, guests
September 2019 | 00:17:13
Episode 9 Transcript and Show Notes

As the Preparing Technicians for the Future of Work project celebrates its first birthday, it’s time to stop and ask, “What have we learned?” and “What have we accomplished?” Some highlights of Year 1 include:

  • Piloting an industry site visit/interview protocol and interviewing technicians, technician supervisors, and mid‐level managers,
  • Producing informative content exploring industry, education, and human resource issues relevant to the Future of Work,
  • Identifying three broad, cross‐cutting skill areas that should be included as “new fundamentals” in STEM technician training programs, and
  • Convening meetings of ATE Center Directors and industry leaders to examine the Future of Work at the human‐technology interface from multiple perspectives.

Stay tuned for Year 2!

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