Technician working in smart logistic factory on a laptop.

Episode 17: Technician Skills for Industry 4.0

Marilyn Barger,  Executive Director, Florida Advanced Technological Education Center and Richard Gilbert, Professor, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, University of South Florida
October 2020 | 00:23:45
Episode 17 Transcript and Show Notes

While nine or ten technologies are often categorized as critical to Industry 4.0, in this episode Marilyn Barger and Richard Gilbert highlight the skills needed for the four that will impact manufacturing technicians over the next four to five years in their daily operational mode: simulation, the industrial internet of things, autonomous robots, and additive/subtractive manufacturing (and associated materials). Technicians working with each of these technologies will need specific skill sets. Which skills are most sought by industry? Are instructors on the same page? Using data gathered from surveys of Florida manufacturers and educators, Barger and Gilbert discovered gaps—sometimes gaps in prioritization of skills that need to be taught, and other times perspective gaps based on vocabulary used by each group to talk about the skills—and also many points of agreement between the two groups.

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