Technician working in smart logistic factory on a laptop.

Episode 16: Cross-Cutting Skills in Advanced Manufacturing for Medical Devices

Matthew Carter,  Vice President, Cook Medical, Winston-Salem, NC
August 2020 | 00:21:01
Episode 16 Transcript and Show Notes

What are the cross-cutting skills–the skills vital for all future STEM technicians, regardless of discipline, to practice in order to be successful?  Matthew Carter from Cook Medical, a manufacturing company, shares that it is vitally important for technicians to be able to gather data, present information, and balance the technical aspects of a project with its business considerations as well as perform what are considered more traditional technical skills. They also must be able to work in cross-functional teams. He notes that medical device manufacturing is not different from other industries in at least one regard:  as quality demands continue to increase, the consistency of the product is very important. In this episode, we talk about how the data, the technology, and the people work together like gears interacting with one another to maintain process efficiency and product quality.

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