Episode 32: Sending and Amplifying the Signal

Clay Nagle, Deputy Director and Senior Manager, Global Foundries
Dr. Robert Geer, Senior Vice President and COO, SUNY Polytechnic Institute
Robert Weinman, Director of Workforce Innovation, National Institute for Innovation and Technology

October | 29:35
Episode 32 Transcript, Show Notes, and Podcast Feedback Survey

In this episode we hear three different perspectives in a strategic partnership that is developing the pipeline of technicians for one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities, a semiconductor foundry.

Hear about how industry partners are working with community colleges to identify skills gaps and empower educators to align and adapt existing coursework to address those skills gaps. How is this relationship empowering educators to have their finger on the pulse of industry demands so they can respond swiftly to the ever-expanding portfolio of cross-disciplinary skills a technician will need?

 [I]t’s not really a “how do we create it?” It’s how do we take what they’re already doing, and almost “tune it” to what we’re looking for. 

Clay Nagle, Deputy Director and Senior Manager at Global Foundries

Also find out about an innovative cloud portal in development that will be a sustainable strategy for identifying and communicating the most in-demand skills, new skills that are emerging, and skills that may be shifting towards obsolescence.

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