Episode 42: What Is Emerging? Just Look at Your Mobile Phone

Podcast Guest:

Todd Christensen, Chief Technical Officer, HT Micro

August 2022  | 19:51 
Episode 42 Transcript and Show Notes

In this episode, Todd Christensen joins Mike to talk about integrated sensors, MEMS, and how advanced digital technologies are increasing the complexity of the tools and skills required by technicians. Digitalization means technicians must be equipped with a broad range of cross-disciplinary stem skills. Todd also shares his take on the recent bill for chip manufacturing and research and how it could impact the workforce. Find out what Todd believes will be the next big thing and what advice he would offer to educators, employers, and future technicians.

“[T]o the extent that educators realize that we’re entering a significant period of disruption—and education is going to be part of that disruption—I think that will help them align young minds with the challenges that are emerging today.”


Todd Christensen
Chief Technical Officer, HT Micro



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