Episode 41: Factory Reset – Redefining Manufacturing In the New Digital Age

Podcast Guest:

Jake Hall, The Manufacturing Millennial

July 2022  | 23:10 
Episode 41 Transcript and Show Notes

In this episode, Mike interviews Jake Hall, the “Manufacturing Millennial” for a fresh perspective on the next generation of technicians. With emerging technologies in Industry 4.0, Jake shares his thoughts about how factories are transforming and what the manufacturing sector needs to do to recruit and develop young talent.

How do we get younger kids excited about what this industry has to offer? And dispel the myth that manufacturing is just this dark, dirty, dangerous, dull environment…[I]t’s actually…full of innovation, and technology, and automation.

We’re creating more value [for technicians]… They’re growing the ability to be more flexible and dynamic with their own skill sets.

Jake Hall
The Manufacturing Millennial

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