Episode 40: Harnessing the Power of Data and the Must-Have Cross-Disciplinary Skills

Podcast Guest:

Jordan Morrow, Vice President and Head of Data Analytics at BrainStorm, Inc.

May 2022  | 26:29
Episode 40 Transcript and Show Notes

Host Mike Lesiecki interviews Jordan Morrow, the “Godfather of Data Literacy.” They discuss how technicians can become proficient in interpreting and communicating data and why these skills are becoming more important than ever. They examine what certification programs and pathways are emerging to help address the critical functions of data literacy and data analytics. Mike and Jordan also explore how instructors can begin integrating data literacy and analytics into their own programs so that students are ready to work with data to diagnose and make decisions in the workplace.

So, with data literacy: Can we empower you to make better decisions? Combining it with your personal experience. Your human experience. Your skills. Your background. Everyone has a place with data and analytics. – Jordan Morrow

Jordan Morrow
Vice President and Head of Data Analytics, BrainStorm, Inc.

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