Episode 39: Adapting Additive Manufacturing Technology to Meet the Demands of I4.0

Podcast Guest:

Eric WooldridgeAssociate Professor, Somerset Community College 

May 2022  | 30:14
Episode 39 Transcript and Show Notes

Host Mike Lesiecki interviews Eric Wooldridge and learns how Eric’s education and broad industry experience in engineering, architecture, and farming help him develop curricula in additive manufacturing/3D printing for Somerset’s 16 college sites and satellites.

Hear about innovations happening in additive manufacturing on the front-lines of education, and discover which skills in the Cross-Disciplinary Stem Core technicians will need as the demand for additive manufacturing/3D printing by various industries intensifies. 

You’ll want to stay until the end as Mike and Eric discuss how faculty can introduce additive manufacturing into their curriculum even if they don’t have direct experience with it. Hear how Somerset’s Additive Manufacturing Center is training educators as Eric gives a step-by-step about how to get started, along with the valuable lessons learned along the way. 

Be sure to check this episode’s Show Notes for additional information and tools including links to videos presented by Eric and the Advanced Manufacturing Center. 

Professor Eric Wooldridge presents at Somerset’s Additive Manufacturing Center
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