Episode 38: Technicians in the New Blue Economy

Podcast Guest:
Justin Manley, President of Just Innovation, Inc.

April 2022  | 24:36

Episode 38 TranscriptShow Notes, and Podcast Survey

Join Mike and his guest, Justin Manley, as they take us on a seafaring exploration of the “blue economy” and the  possibilities for technicians in this unique working environment.  From his early days running a research lab building ocean robots at MIT to his current role on the business side, Justin brings his comprehensive take on ocean tech and the transferability of technical skills from one industry to another.

There are new opportunities to work in areas that involve autonomous vessels, robotics, 
automation, sensors, marine technology, marine science, electromechanical skills…
all of these [are] merging into a new type of environment for a technician. – Justin Manley

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