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Episode 47: Integrating Emerging and Cross-Cutting Technologies: Manufacturing and Data Analytics with Mason Lefler and Scott Danielson

Podcast Guests:
Mason Lefler, 
Associate Vice President for Educational Innovation, Bridgerland Technical College
Scott Danielson, 
Associate Vice President for Instruction of Manufacturing, Construction, and Transportation, Bridgerland Technical College

March 2024 | 33:38
Episode 47: Show Notes, SlidesTranscript

This episode delves into the pivotal role of data analytics in modern technical fields, particularly in Northern Utah’s manufacturing sector. Mike and guests Mason Lefler and Scott Danielson explore the evolving landscape of technician education, emphasizing the importance of cross-disciplinary STEM skills and the need for educational institutions to adapt to industry demands. They discuss the integration of data analytics into technician training programs, highlighting initiatives such as grants for developing data analytics courses and automated manufacturing trainers. They also touch on challenges in curriculum refinement and student skill retention.

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Mason Lefler

Mason serves as the Associate Vice President for Educational Innovation at Bridgerland Technical College where he oversees the Curriculum, Design, and Development Department, as well as grants at the college. In his work with grants, Mason acts as a principal investigator of multiple NSF Advanced Technical Education grants. In addition, he manages multiple grants in data analytics and information technology within the state of Utah. Mason earned a Bachelor’s of Psychology from Brigham Young University, a Master’s of Secondary Education at Arizona State University, a Master’s of Instructional Leadership and a PhD. in Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences from Utah State University. He began his educational career as a middle school teacher where he piloted flipped-classroom models using technology. 

Scott is the Associate VP for Instruction of Manufacturing, Construction, and Transportation at Bridgerland Technical College. He is a Control Systems Engineer with extensive experience designing and programming automated control systems for manufacturing and machines in motion. 

Scott Danielson
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