Episode 46: Integrating Emerging and Cross-Cutting Technologies: Electric Vehicles with Kevin Cooper

Podcast Guest: Kevin Cooper, Principal Investigator, National Electric Vehicle Consortium

February 2024 | 27:11
Episode 46: Show Notes, SlidesTranscript

In this episode, Mike and Kevin delve into the burgeoning realms of renewable energy and electric vehicles (EVs) and discuss the need for collaboration with educational institutions to train future professionals and identify job opportunities in the EV sector. Drawing from his visit to Tesla’s Gigafactory, Kevin shares about the manufacturing processes and emphasizes the importance of safety certifications and coupling EVs with renewable energy sources. Additionally, he sheds light on the development of EV programs in Southeastern states and initiatives to address gender disparities in the automotive industry. From emerging battery technologies to cybersecurity considerations, Kevin offers insights into the dynamic landscape of renewable energy and EVs, leaving listeners with valuable resources for further exploration and professional growth. 

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Kevin Cooper is the Principal Investigator for the National Electric Vehicle Consortium (NEVC) and Co-PI of CREATE, an NSF Renewable Energy Center.  Before these roles, Dr. Cooper held various administrative positions at Indian River State College (IRSC), successfully launched and exited a large-scale corporate spinoff, and worked as an R&D engineer in the semiconductor industry.   Dr. Cooper holds a Ph.D. in chemical engineering focused on battery development and is responsible for over 100 patents/papers in various STEM fields, including battery chemistry, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, environmental management, quantum dynamics, data science, robotics, and biotechnology.

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